About Us

Health, energy, peace, a sense of confidence that you are on the right track - it's just part of what we offer ...
We are pleased to invite you to the newly renovated White Palace , one of the most beautiful gothic palaces in Greater Poland . Our resort has a unique atmosphere, natural surroundings, exquisite cuisine, and a long list of attractions makes us an exceptional place for your holiday or event .
We are a center for rest and relaxation, where you will find the harmony of body and spirit, but also great entertainment.   Our goal is to have fun and learn at the same time. You will enjoy exploring our complex of palaces and manor, a 15 hectare historic park, sensory garden, a mini golf course, a waterfall, and many other attractions that will make you want to return. 
In addition to the man-made beauty, we would like to draw the attention of all our guests the charm and magic that surrounds us on all sides. It's nature and its magical power ...
The complex consists fo a Nineteenth-century palace, Distillery and eighteenth-century manor house. The structures are connected by granite stone driveways and surrounded by a 15-acre historic park, with beautiful old trees. The 44 hotel's rooms and suites can receive 110 guests. 
We organize:
  • holiday
  • business meetings
  • training
  • banquets
  • integration events
  • conferences
  • picnics
  • weddings
  • tournament play mini golf!
We look forward to your arrival! We will be honored to welcome you to the gates of the Palace, we will ensure that you feel at home.

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